Welcome to Kings Coins where we aim to be the highest paying bitcoin faucet out on the internet.  Our current rates are 20-50 (90.9%), 100 (6%), 200 (3%), 500 (0.9%), 1000 (< 0.1%), 10000 (< 0.1%).  We use ads to pay for the bitcoin we give away and hosting so please use the ads and don’t block them.  We also use some of your CPU power to mine monero in the background as you wait for the faucet to load ads and claiming your Bitcoin.  Kings Coins offers 15% referral commissions currently and this can be expected to change at anytime.

To redeem from this site you will need a Faucethub.io account.  You can use that link to sign up if you don’t have one.  Simply put in your Faucethub.io bitcoin deposit address wait 60 seconds and claim every 60 mins.


Once we have reached 1000 active users i will release games of new ways to earn Bitcoin using Kingscoins.ga.  We will also open up a bonus faucet to receive Bitcoin more frequently.  We currently are only about 250 users so make sure you use your ref link and send to friends.  Once we grow we will offer more on referral commissions as well as higher claims.  Make sure to add us to your rotators to earn every 60 mins.